At Grace Fishers Church, we believe we exist so that we may love each other through shared community. Groups are our primary means of discipleship and care. Small groups are gatherings of people who meet regularly for friendship, fun, study, prayer, and accountability.

Life Groups

Life Groups meet throughout the entire year. Each group is unique, because of the people who join, the content used, and when they meet.

At Grace Fishers, we have many different Life Groups to fit your stage in life or individual needs including: Young Adults, Widow(er)s, Working Moms, 65+ Senior Adults, Young Professional Men, and even groups focusing on addiction or grief recovery.

Browse all of our Life Groups to find one FOR YOU!

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Mens Groups

There are a variety of Mens Groups available to fit your busy schedule. Mens Groups meet weekly or monthly, with some breaks, mostly for holidays. Plus groups sometimes venture out together to places like like TopGolf, rafting, and other fun spots to connect.

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Womens Groups

Womens Groups meet in the church building for two semester-long Bible studies throughout the year, Winter and Fall, with additional opportunities to connect at various events.

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Find a Group

There are a variety of groups available at Grace Fishers. Browse our open small groups to find one that fits your schedule and lifestyle or contact Nathanael Sommers.
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Groups FAQ

We've answered a few of the most frequently asked questions, but if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us!

Why should I join a small group?

Small groups are communities that shape us, help us in times of need, comfort us amid grief, encourage us to mature, rebuke us when we need correction, and point us toward Jesus above all else. We were never meant to walk through life alone, and small groups are an easy path toward deep relationships.

Visit our blog to read more about the impact of small groups.

Is childcare available?

Childcare is available during Womens Group semester studies on Wednesday mornings only for an additional cost and some Life Groups may choose to coordinate childcare on their own. Costs and availability of childcare during Life Groups varies by group.

Childcare is not currently available during Mens Group meetings.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about joining a group or are interested in leading a group, please contact Nathanael Sommers.

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