One of the most effective ways to build community and influence others for Christ is through serving both inside the walls of Grace Fishers and with our local and global partners located throughout Indianapolis and the world.
Fishers Partner Shepard

Shepherd Community

Shepherd Community works with neighborhood youth and their families to break the cycle of poverty on the near Eastside of Indianapolis.

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Hands of Hope

Join Hands of Hope in meeting the practical needs of vulnerable children through adoption, foster care, and partnerships with children’s homes.

Grace Care Center

The Grace Care Center walks alongside you during your season of need and helps those who are struggling through their Choice Food Pantry and other services made possible through the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and generous donations.

Circle City Fellows

At Circle City Fellows, we believe God’s people are meant to do the work of God in the space where they spend the bulk of their time – their workplace. By empowering young adults to integrate their faith into their work through our nine-month fellowship, individuals come to understand how what they do each day matters to the heart of God.  And in turn, as they align that work with God's mission in the world, they become a blessing to the city, seeking its welfare and flourishing!  Circle City Fellows is an initiative steeped in community and committed to the city as we advance and participate in God’s mission in greater Indianapolis so that everyone has enough and no one needs to be afraid.

Grace Fishers Missionaries


Keith & Natalie Back

Keith and Natalie Back serve with Cru reaching international college students at IUPUI. These students are lonely, isolated, and do not know Christ. They are longing for more so the Back’s come around them to introduce them to Christ. Keith and Natalie also serve as the bridge between Cru and Filter of Hope to create awareness of the clean water crisis across the world. Currently, two billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Through a household water filter that lasts 10 years, they take trips to 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to give people clean water and introduce them to the Living Water. Take a trip and see what this is all about!

For more details watch this video talking about their mission trip experience.

Email Keith Back for more info.

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National Network of Youth Ministries

Randy Davis

Randy Davis is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer for the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM). As a ministry, we work to build unity among youth leaders in every community, so every teenager has a chance to hear the story of Jesus before they graduate. I work with the national leaders of over 160 denominations and ministries, and our staff of 30 work with youth leaders in every community. We see our mission field as the 32 million teenagers in 1,200 Juvenile Detention Centers and 67,000 public and private high schools and junior highs. Convening dynamic church and para-church ministries allow us to multiply all of our efforts as they serve the students of their community.

Email Randy Davis for more info.

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Gary Kirschman
Christian Business Men’s Connection

Gary Kirschman

Gary Kirschman is the City Director for Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC) of greater Indianapolis. CBMC is a worldwide ministry that serves as a resource and catalyst to men in the workplace. The purpose of CBMC is to share the transformational love of Christ with those in the business community, and help business and professional men become the person God designed them to be. CBMC offers opportunities such as Peer Groups for business owners and CEO’s, groups for young professionals, workplace small groups, one-to-one discipleship, ministry and leadership training, networking, etc.

Email Gary Kirschman for more info.

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Global Service Network

Rich & Heather Dundore

Rich and Heather serve with Global Service Network where they seek to impact the next generation of leaders with the Good News of Jesus while also working to bring hope to marginalized and underserved communities.  Rich provides leadership for a number of Cru Campus Ministry projects, performs with Cru Music teams in outreach and worship settings, and is helping to grow development efforts with The Aruna Project as they bring freedom to women enslaved in the sex trade in South Asia.  Heather invests her time with the Grace Care Center while also discipling student leaders with Cru High School and mentoring through YMI (Youth Mentoring Initiative). They have served in vocational ministry since 1985 and feel so blessed to be able to seize each opportunity that God provides!

Email Rich and Heather Dundore for more info.

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CMF International

Paul & Kelly Bedell

Paul and Kelly are preparing to serve with CMFInternational in Birmingham, England. Birmingham is a hyperdiverse city with over 4 million people and over 170 people groups from all around the world within its borders. After participating in a ministry development program called EQUIP, they will take their skills and experiences to serve the significant East Asian community present in Birmingham and expand the reach of the England team who have been serving in the Midlands for over forty years. Their prayer is to be a part of God's mission in England that builds bridges across people groups with the hope of Christ.

Contact Paul or Kelly BeDell for more details.

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