Stand-Alone Sermons

People Need to Hear the "Good News"

Phil Edwards

The Gospel is for everyone who fears and believes in Jesus Christ. The Gospel transcends culture, race, socio-economics, and it is the “Good News” that people need to hear. People are afraid and rightfully so. They don’t feel safe in public places like school, the grocery store, or even at church. I have caught myself thinking and feeling a bit unsettled while shopping in grocery stores and attending a high school graduation as a result of the recent mass shootings in Oklahoma, Buffalo, NY, and Uvalde, Tx, and so many other places. And due to inflation, people are devastated, uncertain about where their meal will come from, or how they will pay the exorbitant amounts on food, gas, rent and utilities. People are mourning the loss of loved ones who have died from COVID 19, Cancer, and suicide, and of other causes. The world is hurting, hopeless, and fatalistic, and they need to hear and see the “Good News” lived out in us.